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Selling Goats and Sheep

Most slaughter goats and sheep from this area are sold at livestock auctions and are shipped out of the area for slaughter. Both goats and sheep are sold at these sales because buyers prefer to have both available. Goats and sheep can be easily handled and hauled together. 

Lists of livestock auctions that have special goat and sheep sales in Arkansas and Missouri are published at, along with sale dates and contact information. 

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) publishes livestock market reports for seven goat/sheep sales in Missouri, but none in Arkansas. Links to these reports can also be found at

The North Arkansas Meat Goat Association has been doing research to develope better markets for both slaughter meat goats and meat goat breeding stock in this area. A very important part of this research involes getting data on how many slaughter goats are available for sale in this area and what times of the year they are available. We would like to set up a buying station where producers can bring thier goats and sell directly to a buyer at a predetermined price, but the details for such a program have not been completely worked out yet. If you are interested in participating in such a program at a future date please fill out our marketing survey.


Nancy Edgerly will have sales at her farm at her convenience. Notice will be given so anyone can bring their animals to sell. If you would like be notfied of future sales contact Nancy.

Contact: Nancy Edgerly
St. Joe, AR

The Goat and Sheep Producers of Arkansas have a marketing survey they are asking folks to fill out on their website -  Also please fill out our marketimg survey on this web site.

Selling Goat Meat - Cypress Valley Meat Company
Andy Shaw, from the Cypress Valley Meat Company in Romance, spoke to a large group at the July 15th, 2012, quarterly meeting of the NAMGA. The Cypress Valley Meat Company has 2 of the 5 USDA inspected slaughter facilities in Arkansas. Andy spoke about the steps, past and present, the company is taking to get goat & lamb meat into main stream marketing. He answered questions from those in attendance during his presentation.

Andy is working to establish markets in Arkansas and surrounding states in addition to the usual ethnic ones. He spoke of the costs and regulations involved in placing meat cuts into a grocery warehouse for distribution. He has attended grocery marketing shows, passed out meat samples to buyers and held tastings, all with positive feedback.

Andy has put many hours into promoting our industry, but the market is still inconsistent. Until more retail outlets commit to purchasing, he is unfortunately not able to tell how many animals he will need or when they will be needed. It will strictly depend on a call for orders as they come in.

He is paying market price for healthy, good looking animals with a little finish. He has requests for kids 45lbs to 80 lbs. live wt. and would prefer larger kids because of associated processing costs and carcass yield. So far he has a very small market for mature animals. The mature animal market may improve as their sausage making gets in full swing. We got to sample some very tasty jalapeno/ goat meat/cheese summer sausage made in the Hot Springs facility.
They will transport a good load of animals. The animals are sometimes held at the Hot Springs facility for 20-30 days and fed out in order to provide a consistent product.

The Cypress Valley Meat Company will custom slaughter, USDA inspect, package and private label your meat for “from the farm sales”. There is a $35 kill fee plus 50 cents/lb. (dressed weight). Andy touched upon the importance of drug withdrawal time and following the withdrawal time as printed on the drug label. Individuals have to sign off on this. Currently they do not have to test but the USDA inspector does do random tests. Testing may later be required if withdrawal times are not strictly followed.

Update on Cypress Valley Meat Company, January, 2013

Andy Shaw at the Cypress Valley Meat Company in Romance has an order for goat meat. The Star of India Restaurant in Little Rock is in need of meat for the restaurant and possibly several associated businesses. This contact has been months in the making and now the restaurant has called Andy with an order. This is a really big deal. These contacts take forever to come together.  Price is a factor along with size of the animal. Andy is looking for a larger goat, 80 to 110 lbs. live weight with flesh. Quantity of meat is a must that is why he is looking for a larger animal. No thin nannies. The hope is that the larger animal will yield more meat and allow the cost per pound to be attractive to the buyer. The price to the producer should be $1.40 to $1.50 per pound live weight. That is my guess today and I feel Andy is comfortable at that price range, depending on yield. There has got to be meat to sell on the carcass. I feel this is a good range for a mature animal. Last Summer I took several Does to Highlandville, Missouri, and got $1.55  to $1.10 live weight, minus commission and  fuel. Usually older goats go from $.60 to $1.00. Call Andy Shaw about your animals at (501) 733-4005.

WANTED: Buyers for Goats & Sheep

North Arkansas Meat Goat Association is looking for buyers and potential marketing opportunities for animals. Our region currently has the largest meat goat herd numbers in the state.

Contact: Nancy Edgerly
St. Joe, AR
(870) 436-4641

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